Video Mystery

video mystery shopping

Experience your store through the customer’s eyes

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Video Mystery Shopping

video mystery shopping
video mystery shopping
video mystery shopping

The initiative

Video Mystery Shopping (VMS) is an in-store activation, providing invaluable insight into the customer’s journey. Our trained team of mystery shoppers enter your store premises to record interactions and the overall shopping experience from your customer’s point of view.

Why we offer it

Video Mystery Shopping provides customer service data that is accurate, unbiased and verifiable, allowing us to experience what your customer experiences when visiting your store. What’s more, we can revisit the footage at any stage for further analysis. In the process, various touchpoints of engagement are recorded, making it easy for us to spot the highs and lows of your customer’s in-store experience.

Why it is beneficial for your business

Video Mystery Shopping is a tool for uncovering customer service shortfalls. We use the data to inform our CX solutions, and work alongside your company in developing in-store service and interactions that customers can trust. As trust leads to loyalty, your company can use VMS insights to convert customers into active promoters of your brand.

video mystery shopping

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