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Customer experience (CX) is all about cause and effect. More specifically, the efforts you put in place to drive the in-store experience and their subsequent success in retaining customers. Even in this day and age with all the technology we have at our fingertips, many companies don’t utilise the tools available for improving customer experience. This is where we come in.


Enter SaluteCX

Our process for improving customer experience centres around reflection and remediation. First, we look at your existing customer experience as a whole and identify its key aspects. Next, we study these aspects to get a clear understanding. We then adjust them, assess their new effect, and adjust them again. It’s a circle of ongoing improvement – ultimately yielding you better relationships with your customers and increased business revenue.

Our systematic approach to improving customer experience

First, we ask several questions:

• How is your team engaging with your customer?
• How is your product presented to engage and entice your customer?
• How is your store engaging with the customer, both online and in-store?
• Are the processes you’ve put in place working?
• Why should the customer purchase your product?

We then answer these questions through our step-by-step process:

Identify and understand

We get an overview of the company’s current customer service by identifying and understanding the ‘customer’s perception path’ in the context of place, person and product.

Create a bespoke question set

We put together a bespoke customer experience plan with measurable quantifiers. The quantifiers are company-specific, and selected according to the runnings and nature of the business.

Collect the data

We revisit the ‘customer’s perception path’ and collect the ‘raw’ data.

Assess the outcomes

We analyse the data against the chosen quantifiers to reveal ‘data truths’, or insights into the plan’s outcome.

Develop CX solutions

We use data-lead insights to develop our CX solutions.