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customer service reporting

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Mobile Audit App

customer service reporting
customer service reporting
customer service reporting

The initiative

We offer our clients access to a paperless audit and customer service reporting tool. This tool allows for completion of audits and checklists directly from your mobile device, saving you time and effort.

Conventional paper-based retail audit reports can take around three weeks to prepare and deliver, making our app a real game changer. It also increases the validity of the audit results as photos are now included and stores geolocated. What’s more, the app allows for offline audits – so is still useful in remote locations where connectivity may be an issue.

Why we offer it

Our app allows us to gather specific data surrounding predetermined question sets or checklists. Its mobile nature speeds up customer service reporting on store standards, and in so doing it expedites in-store remediation. Recipients of the various reports receive their results within minutes and improve turnaround time on resolving issues. The veracity of the data collected is also greater thanks to the app’s offerings. 

Geolocation allows us to keep tabs on where the audit took place, and the photo function provides a visual reference of reported issues, further speeding along the remediation process. Another benefit – the app makes incomplete audits are a thing of the past as incomplete audits cannot be uploaded. Consistency of standards is also driven through embedded PDF reference documents.

Why it is beneficial for your business

When you regularly review your achieved results through the app audits, maintaining standards is easier. The insights gained from our customer service reporting app allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your store’s activities, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Not only does the app speed up our process for developing your customer experience solutions, but it makes CX management easier for you in the long run. The app’s dynamic functionality allows you to make it your own and use it for multiple purposes. If you want to include a customised form, for example, the app allows us to set one up for you. It can also be used to conduct your in-store customer surveys, so all CX data is easily accessible from one location on your personal device.

customer service reporting

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