Customer Perception
Path Tracking

customer perception

Understanding the customer’s journey

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Customer Perception Path Tracking

customer perception
customer perception
customer perception

The initiative

In order to create and maintain a positive customer experience, we need to follow and understand the customer’s journey from the initial brand contact to the final purchasing decision. And even thereafter during the after-sales service offered. At SaluteCX, we have developed a unique service especially for this – referred to as Customer Perception Path Tracking.

Customer Perception Path Tracking involves the identification of all engagement channels, or touchpoints, influencing their overall experience and perception of your brand. Touchpoints can be any means of company exposure, from the in-store set up and floor worker interactions to telephonic and online communication.

Why we offer it

By identifying and quantifying your company’s various touchpoints, we can leverage their strengths to build brand loyalty. And implement remediation initiatives to further improve your customer’s experience.

Why it is beneficial for your business

Your customers’ perception of your brand is key to its success. One bad experience can turn them off your store for good. And we’re not just talking about physical experiences, like the store’s look and feel, but emotional ones too. Sometimes just a smile and warm greeting from a clerk establishes a bond with the customer, turning them into a brand ambassador who sings your praises. And that’s not all – their social networks are more likely to jump to your tune thanks to good old word-of-mouth marketing!

customer perception

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