How SPAR’s retail standards auditing process went from 3 weeks to 2 hours

As we all know, when it comes to business, time is of the essence. Retail standards auditing is a necessary process (especially for improving customer experience.) But boy, can it be a long-winded one. Manually assessing store standards, then uploading evidence to your computer, then emailing it to the relevant parties, then receiving their responses, then having to email them all back again, and so on and so forth? That’s just tedious! And no company, no matter its size, should be wasting time like that. This is why we have come up with our winning reporting solution – to save you time and energy, so you can put it to better use. Introducing the SaluteCX Mobile Audit App. This simple to use, yet powerful application, cut down SPAR’s reporting turnaround time from three weeks, to two hours…that’s a time saving of 502 hours!! So just imagine what it can do for your business.

What our Mobile Audit App can do for you

If your team is completing their reporting checklists over multiple spreadsheets, we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way. (Thank goodness, right?) Our Mobile Audit App automates your retail auditing process, with custom created checklists, your team receive feedback quickly and efficiently, affording your team the opportunity to react and respond timeously. Covid screenings, delivery schedules, retail operations, health and safety protocols, food safety protocols, first-aid measures, and security screenings can all be managed through our dynamic app. And that’s not all. Because our app is completely customisable, you can turn it into your ideal checklist system, tailored to your business’ specific operations and functions.

Benefits, benefits, and more benefits

  • The mobile nature of the app means it’s convenient for daily use and is paperless too.
  • It is automated and customisable (as we mentioned earlier).
  • Questions are weighted and answers escalated to management or senior parties should they not meet the required criteria.
  • Responsive Skips and Triggers streamline the user’s journey.
  • Reference documents can be inserted into the app, allowing for a clear understanding of the respective question.
  • Photographs, audio notes and videos can be recorded during the audit for clarity and verification.
  • Geolocation verifies the retail auditing process at different locations.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Visit our Mobile Audit App service page to find out more.

Who’s benefiting from our retail auditing app?

SPAR, Buildit, and SPAR Poland

The SPAR Group uses the app to report on store standards. And yes, switching to our app has reduced their turnaround time from three weeks to two hours. Impressive stuff!

SPAR Poland, a recent addition to the app, has successfully integrated our platform into their operations and we have even managed to create the checklists and reports in Polish!

In an Industry where great customer service is such a competitive advantage, there is no better way than to get to know what your customer experiences, than through what SaluteCX has to offer through their tailor-made programmes

– Brad Buchanan, Lifestyle SUPERSPAR

Takealot uses the app to audit drivers and deliveries. Supervisor Lu-Ashlin Maart gave us great feedback about his experience.

It makes everything much easier and it saves you a lot of time. I am happy with it.

– Lu-Ashlin Maart,

Safari Outdoor Family Pet Centre

Both Safari Outdoor and Family Pet Centre use the app to ensure legal compliance and report on merchandise and store standards. Thanks for the shout out, Gregory from Safari Outdoor!

In my personal opinion, working with the Salute team has benefited our company greatly. ….Every time we’ve required their assistance they’ve been able to accommodate us with optimism and professionalism.

– Gregory V. Glanvill, Safari Outdoor

vida e caffè

vida e caffè uses our app to audit their coffee-making processes in their restaurants and in the Shell garages and other sit-down venues. Check out what Pieter the Operations Manager had to say about it.

Salute App is very user friendly and more important to me is the after sales assistance we get from Salute, my queries have always been attended to very efficiently and in a very acceptable time frame!

– Pieter Swart, vida e caffè

Retail auditing just got a whole lot easier

Manual checklists are so last year. Move with the times and transfer your retail auditing process to our Mobile Audit App. Get in touch with SaluteCX for a quote.

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