Customer experience in retail: SUPERSPAR case study

At SaluteCX, improving customer experience in retail environments is our bread and butter. But each case is different – a unique business with a unique set of CX goals. 

Recently, we were mandated by the SUPERSPARs in Hilton and Merrivale to up the ante and create more reasons why locals should shop at these stores. And what we’ve come up with is pretty exciting, and being rolled out at these retailers even as we speak!

The challenge: To take customer experience to the next level

SPAR’s a brand we all know and love, always looking out for their customers and searching for ways to make their shopping experience that much better. So, as you can expect, we were thrilled when the Hilton and Merrivale stores approached us to take their customer service to the next level.

The initiative: Customer Perception Path Tracking

Through our Customer Perception Path Tracking service, we determined the customer’s in-store experience, and identified the available touchpoints. (Are your touchpoints attractors or detractors? Click here to find out.) The data we collected revealed an exciting opportunity for CX improvement, using one of the most important in-store touchpoints: the team on the shop floor! These employees deal directly with the customers on a day-to-day basis. And so offer an untapped supply of insight into what the customer needs. And so we came up with a CX strategy that rallies these workers to come up with their own solutions for better customer service and having the team involved with quantifying the store standards.

The solution: To capitalise on team involvement

At the end of the day, customer experience is a heart thing. It is important for interpersonal connections in-store to foster positive emotions so the customer wants to return again in the future. To help the SUPERSPARs encourage their loyalty, we’ve recommended a bottom-up CX approach involving the in-store team. The idea is to establish an emotional connection, but this time on the part of the employees. (Drum roll please.) Introducing our innovative solution, the ‘Ask Yourself…?’ campaign! Here’s how it is playing out in-stores:

  • Our agenda is to coach the team in a meaningful way, in an involved and engaging manner.
  • The process involves asking the team how they can change their service style to improve customer perception in-store. By giving the team a voice, we are encouraging their involvement in coming up with achievable solutions.
  • The team are then equipped with measurable retail operations checklists so they can be aware of what they are being audited on going forward. (i.e. Clean floors, tidy shelves etc.) This makes each employee accountable for their specific roles. And enables them to understand why their job is an important one to play for the betterment of the business as a whole.
customer experience in retail

Improving customer experience in retail stores is our speciality

By partnering with SaluteCX, the SUPERSPARs in Hilton and Merrivale look forward to bigger and better returns on their customer experience initiatives! Do you understand the importance of customer experience in retail operations? And your store specifically? If not, get in touch with us and we’ll gladly show you the ropes.

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