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SaluteCX is South Africa’s leading customer experience agency for the retail and hospitality environment. Essentially, we turn your customers’ experience into valuable data, which guides us in formulating creative and bespoke CX solutions for your business.

We have developed a specialised toolkit for collecting detailed information about your customers’ journey and delivering feedback to your customer experience management team. The toolkit includes the following: Customer Perception Path Tracking, Survey Research, Video Mystery Shopping (VMS), Mobile Audit App, and Dashboard.

Through our distinctive data-collection techniques, we provide companies with valuable insight into their customer experience, and work alongside them in developing strategies for better customer service and greater business success.

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For over 17 years, we have been observing and recording in-store interactions in detail, through various means of data collection. So you could say we have learned a thing or two! However, with customer experience being a moving target in our modern world, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our solutions and offerings. Just as no two companies are the same, no two CX solutions can be the same. Our full-circle approach to customer experience management allows us to continuously monitor our clients’ processes, and develop strategies that are the most relevant and effective for the time and unique company situation.

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The SaluteCX data collection and analysis process allows us to work with companies in developing an understanding of their current customer service techniques. Upon evaluation of our findings, we create a bespoke plan for the business. We then implement the plan in-store, assess its progress, and revise it where necessary.

As your customer experience partner, you can trust us to continuously work towards implementing the best CX solutions possible, monitoring our initiatives and facilitating their ongoing improvement. Even micro-adjustments can make a lasting impression on the customer, so persistence is key!

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