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“Your customer experience experts, providing an in-depth understanding of customer’s experiences in the retail environment and delivering a solution for an unparalleled experience to your customer base.”

SALUTE CX provides a unique service of understanding whilst engaging with your brand. We have established ourselves as one of the leaders in South Africa in quantifying the customers experience in the retail environment, utilising Video Mystery Shopping, Audit Platforms and Surveys. In order to access the data we were the first to offer a full analytics dashboard which provides an in-depth overview of a company’s performance within their retail space. Through our distinctive techniques of collecting real and detailed data, we assist companies across the country in being able to respond to these evaluations, and create improved strategies that result in greater efficiencies for their brand.

Over the years, we have been exposed to numerous in store interactions between retail staff and the customer. This has been made us aware of the complex and sometimes missed opportunities, for the brand and their employees to effectively and efficiently serve their customer. This observation has since lead us into a new dynamic phase, which has seen the introduction of an additional business strategy – Script It, Rate It, Remediate It.

This innovative three step process allows us to not only observe but working with retailers to identify and understand how a customer chooses to engage with their brand. Upon evaluation of these engagements we create a process (unique to your brand) to implement, review and then remediate these findings, thereby introducing solutions.

Essentially, at Salute CX, we are looking at ways to improve your customer’s experiences. Our unique infrastructure enables us to measure and analyse your retail environment and performances, in doing so this creates a lasting solutions for your brand.

“Script It, Rate It, Remediate It” is a perfectly packaged process which equips your staff to enhance the customers experience!




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Our Process

The Three Pillars

Script It

Theatre exists to give an audience a unique and exciting experience and in many ways, your store is like a theatre. A store and its fixtures are the stage and props, the staff are the actors, the store manager is the production director and your customers are the audience.

So just as you would distribute and rehearse a script among actors, we distribute a ‘script’ amongst your staff.

‘Scripting’ is a simple and effective way to communicate and implement a simple and effective message to your staff, which outlines your expectations from the start. Academies and E-Learning can be overwhelming and rather daunting for staff members, but a script, is easy to learn, remember and easy to apply when dealing with a customer.

The script we supply your company with becomes the tool kit, which will ultimately provide your staff with the knowledge they need to professionally perform their job.

Generally, our script is an acronym, so it’s easy to memorise, and in turn easy to implement. Each letter stands for an important element of the job role. These elements can then be unpacked and expanded on, with collateral like videos, printed reminders, manuals and other ‘scripting’ elements that help drive the message in store.

‘Rate It’ is made up of three key elements which include:

  • Video Mystery Shopper (VMS)
    VMS is a reliable and effective way for us to experience your business through your customer’s eyes.
  • Mobile Audit App
    This provides a platform to create checklists and verifiable reports in order to maintain consistencies with your store, staff and procedures.
  • Surveys
    This allows us to “Own your customers opinions”.

These elements allow us to be your ears and eyes on the ground, gathering important information that will provide you with insight into how customers are viewing your brand.

Upon collection and review of this data, we can then quantify your customer’s experience and understand the areas where your staff may be falling short and the areas where they are excelling.

These techniques provide us with all the information we then need to rate the script and evaluate how it is working for your brand. Once we have completed the rating phase, this leads us onto our third and final step, ‘Remediate It.’

Our Online Dashboard facilitates the “Rate It” phase.

Effectively, the discrepancies found between the elements from ‘Script It’ (how it should be done) and ‘Rate It’ (what was done) present a clear understanding of what needs to be remedied.

Driven by the outcomes, a plan of action is created tailored to the needs of your brand.

Referencing the data found within the Three Pillars, identifying and measuring the various Touchpoints or Points Of Engagement your customers have with your brand allows us to maintains the focus on providing a positive customer journey.

From these findings, we will assess what the potential triggers are for poor outcome/experiences and provide you with the solutions to fix any identified problem areas.

We then, continue to repeat the cycle until we have found the perfect recipe for your brand. After all, we’re in the business of ensuring you are delivering an unparalleled experience to your valued customers.

Our Tools

Being able to revisit your customer’s experience or “seeing your business through your customer’s eyes” is invaluable.

Through the process of VMS, one is able to review the various points of engagement, thereby being able to recognise the highs and the lows of these interactions.  This allows the various role players to view the recorded video file which generates discussion, understanding and ultimately the remediation of any identified areas.

Video Mystery shopping (VMS) is an exact tool, which affords us this insight.
Through the understandings gained from VMS we are now able to work towards interactions which will gain our customers’ loyalty and trust.  This will essentially lead on to creating promoters of your brand, through your customers.

Creating a positive perception in the customer’s mind extends far beyond their engagement with staff, the shopping environment plays a huge role too.

This is why we have introduced an Audit App, which can be used for the customized/in-house/client specific checklist.

Our App has substantially reduced the time taken for the retailer to receive their customized/in-house/client specific checklist audit results, because now, you can do the check yourself. Usually, the results of this audit would take 2 – 3 weeks, but now, the App can deliver them within minutes of the audit.

Additionally, the App increases the validity of the results because now, photos can be included and stores can be geolocated.

In store exit surveys are conducted through our online platform. The platform allows for immediate reporting of customers opinion and furthermore collates the data into a view highlighting the relevant areas surveyed. Attached to this platform are various other formats of collecting your customer’s opinions.

Over the years of Salute CX, it has been clearly noted that the clients who spend time on understanding the data and then embark on sharing the results with the team, derive the greatest successes. To truly gain the maximum value of the data, store managers need to make use of the tools provided to them as a developmental program.  These tools consist of the Report, the Scoring Profile, the Overview, the Video and the ChatBack feature.  It must be noted that all Analytics Dashboard scores are presented against each of the acronym metrics.


Our ‘Script It, Rate It, Remediate It’ process has helped many well-known brands reach their full customer experience potential.


“For any business that cares about the customer experience Salute offer a great tool. The results are invaluable in having fact based conversations with stakeholders and coming up with interventions to improve the customer experience.”

-Bruce Joubert, CEO Reebok (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd

“Our company has benefited tremendously from the innovative and cutting edge techniques employed by Salute to improve our customer service levels as well as gain invaluable insights into what our customers want.“

-Alan Anstey, General Manager Cash Converters Southern Africa

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